2022 Annual Conference Call for Proposals

Rooted In Innovation

Florida Association of Teacher Educators, Annual Conference 2002, Rooted In Innovation

The Florida Association of Teacher Educators (FATE) is pleased to extend an invitation for proposal submissions to present at our Annual Conference to be held at the University of Central Florida, Friday, December 2nd through Sunday, December 4th.  

The Florida Association of Teacher Educators (FATE) and its parent organization ATE have a long history of supporting education and teacher professional development. This past year marked a return to the classroom for many educators, reflective of a redefined understanding of teaching, learning, recruitment, and more. We have reconceptualized, embraced, and applied innovative methods to accomplish our mission as educators. We invite you to share your experiences during FATE’s Annual Conference to help ground teacher education in innovation!    

Session Strands

The information below is provided to assist you with selecting the appropriate strand for your presentation. These strands apply to classroom teachers, teacher educators; professional development personnel; pre-service teachers; and school, district, or higher education administrators.

Strand A: Innovation in Educator Preparation Programs

Proposals for this strand will be in the form of practice or research pieces that highlight innovative methods you are using in student teaching (internships), courses, recruitment, or preparation for FTCE or alternative certification.

Strand B: Innovation in Educational Technology 

Proposals for this strand will be in the form of practice or research pieces highlighting your use of technology as it relates to instructional platforms, artificial intelligence, engagement of remote learners, access to technology, digital citizenship, and online ethics.

Strand C: Innovation in Equitable Learning

Proposals for this strand will be in the form of practice or research pieces that showcase innovative and strategic ways to promote equitable and inclusive learning environments (PK-12 and/or university classrooms). This strand includes recruitment and/or retention methods of a diverse teaching force (e. g., racial, cultural, linguistic, bilingual, ESE, and more).

Strand D: Innovation in Professional Development and Instructional Practices

Proposals for this strand will be in the form of practice or research pieces that showcase your use of innovative professional development and instructional practices, including curriculum development, pedagogic theory, andragogic theory, methodological approach, and/or assessment.

All strands welcome proposals from K-12 and university educators.

Proposals that promote commercially available products, services, or programs will not be accepted. The venue for commercially available products is an Exhibitor Showcase Session.

Presentation Formats

  1. Single Presentations: These are 50-minute sessions with one or more presenters

2. Multiple Presentations: These are shared sessions, with two presenters each allocated 20 minutes, with a 10-minute discussion led by the discussant.

3. Roundtable: Roundtables are 20 minutes in length.

4. Poster Submission: Undergraduate Student

5. Poster Submission: Graduate Student

While we will make every attempt to accommodate your first choice, presentation formats may be changed based on the number of accepted conference presenters.

Presenter Guidelines and Requirements

  • Proposals can only be submitted online.
  • Anyone listed as a presenter must be registered for the Conference.
  • Please respect presentation times and be available when scheduled. Once the Conference schedule has been disseminated, session times cannot be rescheduled.
  • All presentation rooms will include projection capabilities. Internet will be provided through the University of Central Florida.
  • All presenters will be notified of acceptance or regrets.
  • Please note that all presenters are responsible for all registration fees and expenses and must register. If you have any questions or concerns about submitting proposals and COVID-19, please email us at FATEleadershipboard@gmail.com.

FATE 2022 Proposal Submission Form