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Congratulations Dr. Nancy Fichtman Dana, Professor, School of Teaching and Learning at the University of Florida for receiving the ATE 2018 Distinguished Mentor Award.

Parkland Shootings

Recently in Parkland, FL we had another painful reminder how vulnerable our security and
safety can be. As the horrific events played out at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School,
stories of bravery and heroism have come to light.
Aaron Feis, an assistant football coach, was killed when he threw himself in front of students to
protect them from oncoming bullets. Scott Beigel, a geography teacher, was killed when he
ushered students to his classroom when the shooting broke out. Chris Hixon, the school’s
athletic director and wrestling coach, was killed while patrolling hallways. Ultimately these
teachers gave their all. Their actions are the light. As the investigation continues stories of
student, teachers, faculty, administration and community members’ acts of heroism will
continue to come to light.
The Florida Association of Teacher Educators (FATE) collectively mourn the loss of the 17 lives
lost on Wednesday, February 14th. FATE, an affiliate of the Association of Teacher Educators,
supports the ATE resolution, Action on Gun Violence in Schools: Whereas, the federal ban on
gun violence research, better known as the Dickey Amendment (Public Law 104-208,
September 30, 1996; 110 STAT, 3009) prohibits the necessary research needed to respond to
the proliferation of gun violence in our American public schools. Be it resolved, that the ATE
supports the repeal of the Dickey Amendment and thus supports scholarly efforts to provide a
research basis for action.
We stand in belief if you See Something, Say Something. As we attempt to come to terms with
this dreadful event, we honor those we lost. Be in the light.
Ingrid Cumming, Ed.D.
FATE President

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The Florida Association of Teacher Educators is proud to announce that it will be hosting the 2018 Southeastern Regional Association of Teacher Educators (SRATE) annual conference!


When:  October 18-20, 2018

Where:  Florida State University

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